To download and unpack the latest version of librandombytes:

wget -m
wget -m$version.tar.gz
tar -xzf$version.tar.gz
cd librandombytes-$version

Then install.

Archives and changelog (reverse chronological)

librandombytes-20240318.tar.gz browse

More work on port to MacOS X, handling differences in shared-library naming.

Add randombytes-info manual page.

librandombytes-20230919.tar.gz browse

Port to MacOS X, fixing use of getentropy. Thanks to Jan Mojzis.

librandombytes-20230905.tar.gz browse

Split out of, and add further SPDX options.

Tweak CSS for better legibility.

Copy various ./configure improvements from libmceliece and lib25519.

librandombytes-20230126.tar.gz browse

Version: This is version 2024.03.18 of the "Download" web page.